Error Code

Description of the error code that occurs in the response body when using the Octet API.

Error CodeError Message
ERR_0000001Internal server error
ERR_0000002API not found
ERR_0000003Unknown exception
ERR_0000004Authentication failed
ERR_0000005Unauthorized permission
ERR_0000006This IP is not authorized to access. Request administrator to access with this IP.
ERR_0000007Request timeout
ERR_0000008Authentication server heartbeat error
ERR_0000009DB heartbeat error
ERR_0000010External service error {{value}}
ERR_0000011Authentication server connection refused
ERR_0000012Authentication server timeout
ERR_0000013Authentication server error {{value}}
ERR_0101001Not registered account.
ERR_0101002Your account has been deactivated.
ERR_0101003Password authentication failed:{{count}}:{{limit}}
ERR_0101004You need to reset your password.
ERR_0101005Password authentication locked.
ERR_0101006Email already exists.
ERR_0101007Cannot change to current password.
ERR_0101008Do not have authority to the account.
ERR_0101009Administrator's approval is required.
ERR_0101010You can use it after accepting the administrator's invitation.
ERR_0101011You are not in privileged user status.
ERR_0101012Only users who are waiting for registration can be deleted.
ERR_0102001Invalid platforms array.
ERR_0102002Inappropriate token status
ERR_0102003Invalid serviceName
ERR_0102004OTP code must be an positive integer string.
ERR_0102005Invalid password.
ERR_0102006Invalid newPassword.
ERR_0102007{{value}} must be entered.
ERR_0102008Only Korean, English, and spaces are available.
ERR_0102009The phone number form is invalid.
ERR_0102010Please enter your phone number.
ERR_0105001Invalid token
ERR_0105002Expired token
ERR_0105003Unauthorized token
ERR_0105004Unsupported token type
ERR_0105005Expired token by others
ERR_0106001Company already exists.
ERR_0106002The company is not activated.
ERR_0106003Unknown company state error.
ERR_0109001Invalid OTP authentication status.
ERR_0109002OTP authentication does not exists.
ERR_0109003OTP authentication failed:{{count}}:{{limit}}
ERR_0109004OTP authentication locked.
ERR_0113001Authentication code does not exists.
ERR_0113002Authentication code is expired.
ERR_0113003Authentication code does not match.
ERR_0113004Need to authenticate your email address.
ERR_0114001No assigned role found.
ERR_0114002Unauthorized role
ERR_0136001No encryption key exists.
ERR_0402001{{key}} must be string.
ERR_0402002{{key}} must be positive number string.
ERR_0402003Unsupported date type.
ERR_0402004Invalid address.
ERR_0402005Invalid txid.
ERR_0402006Invalid order.
ERR_0402007Invalid transaction type: {{value}}.
ERR_0402008Invalid gathering status: {{value}}.
ERR_0402009Invalid fromAddress.
ERR_0402010Invalid utxo status: {{value}}.
ERR_0402011Invalid caDeployment status: {{value}}
ERR_0402012{{key}} must be boolean.
ERR_0402013Invalid name.
ERR_0402014Invalid platformName.
ERR_0402015Invalid xpubKey.
ERR_0402016Invalid mnemonicLocation.
ERR_0402017Invalid useFeeDelegation.
ERR_0402018Invalid webhook type: {{value}}
ERR_0402019Invalid url.
ERR_0402020{{key}} must be positive integer.
ERR_0402021{{key}} must be uint256 string.
ERR_0402022Invalid estimateNftType.
ERR_0402023Invalid encodedData.
ERR_0402024Invalid validatorAddress.
ERR_0402025Invalid withdrawal type: {{value}}.
ERR_0402026Invalid withdrawal status: {{value}}.
ERR_0402027Invalid webhookTarget status: {{value}}
ERR_0402028{{key}} must be 'false' or 'true'
ERR_0402029Invalid unbond status: {{value}}
ERR_0402030Invalid transaction status: {{value}}.
ERR_0402031{{key}} must be positive number.
ERR_0402032Invalid signerData.
ERR_0402033{{key}} must be uint64 string.
ERR_0404001Invalid walletIdx
ERR_0404002Unauthorized wallet
ERR_0404003The address is not included in the wallet
ERR_0404004The childAddressType of that wallet is not ETHEREUM_CA
ERR_0404005There is no enough fee in the fee address
ERR_0404006The wallet do not support nonce
ERR_0404007Invalid wallet type
ERR_0404008Only available in Centralized Wallet
ERR_0404009Only available in Child Withdrawal Wallet
ERR_0405001Invalid token.
ERR_0405002Token has expired.
ERR_0405003Unauthorized token.
ERR_0405004It is not in the form of a Bearer token.
ERR_0406001You do not have permission.
ERR_0406002Invalid company information.
ERR_0406003Company status is deactivated.
ERR_0406004Unknown company state error.
ERR_0410001Unsupported coin
ERR_0410002Unauthorized coin
ERR_0410003There is no such platform
ERR_0410004Only available platform coin
ERR_0410005Unsupported platform
ERR_0410006Unsupported coin type
ERR_0410007This platform does not support custom gasPrice.
ERR_0411001address is not a child address.
ERR_0411002main address is not activated.
ERR_0412001This function is only available for the Ethereum CA child address.
ERR_0412002The address is in the process of CA deployment
ERR_0412003Ca Deployment of the address is completed
ERR_0412004Invalid child address for senderAddress
ERR_0412005Cannot withdraw to main address
ERR_0412006Cannot withdraw to fee address
ERR_0415001Invalid transaction uuid
ERR_0415002Invalid offset
ERR_0415003Invalid address
ERR_0415004Cannot delete address which has balance. ({{value}})
ERR_0415005Cannot delete main address. ({{value}})
ERR_0415006Cannot delete fee address. ({{value}})
ERR_0415007This platform cannot create child address.
ERR_0415008This account has not activated. A minimum deposit of 10 XRP is required to activate the account.
ERR_0416001Invalid Bitcoin child address type
ERR_0417001Invalid Ethereum child address type
ERR_0418001requestId already used.
ERR_0418002There is no such withdrawal
ERR_0418003Insufficient balance. ({{value}})
ERR_0418004Cannot withdraw to the same address.
ERR_0418005useFeeDelegation is required
ERR_0418006Exceeded maximum withdrawal limit. ({{value}})
ERR_0418007Withdrawal amount should be positive integer
ERR_0418008senderAddress is not included in the wallet
ERR_0418009Child address withdrawal is not allowed in centralized wallet
ERR_0418010Withdrawal of fee addresses is only accepted for platform coin
ERR_0418011Only awaiting withdrawals can be canceled
ERR_0418012The minimum withdrawal cancellation time has not been reached
ERR_0418013Invalid withdrawal approval strategy.
ERR_0419001Invalid address parameter when get transaction sum
ERR_0419002RPC Error: {{value}}
ERR_0420001There are no deposits for gathering
ERR_0420002The amount to be gathered is less than the minimum amount to be gathered.
ERR_0420003There is no such gathering.
ERR_0420004Insufficient fee balance for gathering.
ERR_0420005It is not the uuid to be gathered ({{value}})
ERR_0420006It is already gathered uuid. ({{value}})
ERR_0420007There is none-completed gathering from the address.
ERR_0420008This is an undeployed address.
ERR_0420009Exceeded the CA Gathering maximum GasLimit.
ERR_0421001Unsupported platform
ERR_0421002Only transaction in pending status can be retried.
ERR_0421003Already included in blockchain.
ERR_0421004Insufficient balance for retrying
ERR_0421005There is no such withdrawal
ERR_0421006The fee to be updated is lower than the minimum standards.
ERR_0421007The minimum time for a fee update has not passed
ERR_0421008There is no nonce
ERR_0421009It's not a type of retry transaction
ERR_0421010There is no such nft withdrawal
ERR_0423001Not found webhook
ERR_0423002Webhook name already registered.
ERR_0423003Invalid webhookIdx.
ERR_0423004Cannot find webhook target.
ERR_0423005Resending webhook target has been already requested.
ERR_0424001Invalid Batch Request response
ERR_0424002Invalid rpc response. ({{value}})
ERR_0425001Both pin and recoveryPin are required.
ERR_0425002pin is only available when offset is 1.
ERR_0425003pin does not match.
ERR_0425004recoveryPin does not match.
ERR_0425005pin does not exist.
ERR_0425006pin already exists.
ERR_0426001No transaction signing request is found.
ERR_0426002Invalid serializedUnsignedTransaction.
ERR_0426003The platform does not support the signing type.
ERR_0426004This signing type is not supported.
ERR_0426005Signing data is incorrect.
ERR_0426006No data signing request is found.
ERR_0426007The to-address could not be verified.
ERR_0426008{{value}} is not whitelisted.
ERR_0427001Two or more wallets are required for WalletGroup..
ERR_0427002Wallets in WalletGroup must have the same Company.
ERR_0427003Wallets in WalletGroup must have the same Xpub.
ERR_0427004Generated addresses are different between multi-platform wallets.
ERR_0427005Wallets in WalletGroup must have the same lastUsedDerivationIndex.
ERR_0427007Updated name is different between multi-platform wallets.
ERR_0427008Address is not synchronized with other multi-platform wallets.
ERR_0428001Corporate KYC information does not exist.
ERR_0428002{{value}} must be entered as required.
ERR_0428003That verification does not exist.
ERR_0429001This wallet doesn't support NFT functions
ERR_0429002Not supported Improvement Proposal spec.
ERR_0429003requestId already used.
ERR_0429004Contract name and token symbol should be unique combination.
ERR_0429005The contract that has same contract name and token symbol is on pending
ERR_0429006Invalid transaction uuid.
ERR_0429007There is no such deployment.
ERR_0429008There is no such NFT contract.
ERR_0429009Unauthorized NFT contract.
ERR_0429010The token Id is already taken.
ERR_0429011The NFT that has same token id is on pending.
ERR_0429012There is no such NFT.
ERR_0429013Invalid contract spec.
ERR_0429014Invalid contract type.
ERR_0429015Invalid amount.
ERR_0429016There is no such transaction
ERR_0429017There is no such creation.
ERR_0429018There is no available NFT items.
ERR_0429019Insufficient NFT item.(NFT balance: {{balance}}, NFT balance awaiting withdrawal: {{pending}})
ERR_0429020There is no such withdrawal.
ERR_0429021Invalid tokenId. TokenId should be positive integer string without leading zero.
ERR_0429022In case of ERC1155 or KIP37, token symbol is not supported.
ERR_0429023In case of ERC721 or KIP17, token symbol is required.
ERR_0429024Not supported transaction type: {{value}}
ERR_0429025This platform doesn't support NFT.
ERR_0429026NFT contract validation failed. Check your type, contractAddress, tokenId and NFT contract itself.
ERR_0429027Already registered NFT contract.
ERR_0429028There is no nftWithdrawalSetting
ERR_0429029There is no such execution.
ERR_0429030Invalid method signature.
ERR_0429031From address has no authority for the method.
ERR_0429032Unsupported method.
ERR_0429033Failed to get estimate gas. This transaction would be reverted.
ERR_0429034Invalid new owner. {{value}}
ERR_0429035Failed to validate method and encodedData. {{value}}
ERR_0429036Cannot change owner to the same address.
ERR_0429037Cannot send from fee address.
ERR_0429038In case of ERC1155 or KIP37, baseUri is required.
ERR_0429039Invalid baseUri. baseUri should be end with /.
ERR_0429040In case of ERC721 or KIP17, tokenUri is required.
ERR_0429041In case of ERC721 or KIP17, baseUri is not supported.
ERR_0429042Address is already registered as minter.
ERR_0429043Invalid ROLE value.
ERR_0431001There is no ICA ADMIN.
ERR_0431002There is no such ICA USER.
ERR_0431003Failed to execute the Chaincode: {{value}}
ERR_0431004Chaincode Response got empty payload: {{value}}
ERR_0431005Failed to broadcast the Transaction.
ERR_0432001Cannot send from fee address.
ERR_0432002Not supported platform.
ERR_0432003Invalid transaction uuid.
ERR_0432004Failed to get estimate gas. This transaction would be reverted.
ERR_0432005Not supported method
ERR_0432006Exceeded maximum stake limit. (maximum stake limit: {{allowance}}, requested amount: {{amount}}
ERR_0432007Exceeded maximum unstake limit. (staked balance: {{staked}}, requested amount: {{amount}}
ERR_0432008requestId already used.
ERR_0432009There is no such execution.
ERR_0432010Insufficient coin balance to stake. ({{value}})
ERR_0432011Exceeded maximum approve amount. Amount should be less than uint256 considering decimal.
ERR_0433001Exceeded maximum duration. (maximum duration: 365)
ERR_0433002It's allowed after all unstake transactions on validator finalized.
ERR_0433003There exists the claim corresponding unbondNonces.
ERR_0433004There is no such unstake corresponding unbondNonces.
ERR_0433005It's on lock-up period.
ERR_0433006Invalid validator address.
ERR_0433007There is no corresponding validator.
ERR_0433008Invalid validators are included.
ERR_0433009Staking from child addresses is not allowed in centralized wallet.
ERR_0433010Liquid reward is less than minimum amount to restake. {{value}}.
ERR_0433011Liquid reward is less than minimum amount to withdraw reward. {{value}}.
ERR_0436001Invalid AccessKey
ERR_0436002Encrypted data format is incorrect.
ERR_0436003This AccessKey is incorrect.
ERR_0436004HMAC is required.
ERR_0436005HMAC validation failed.
ERR_0500001RPC Error: {{value}}
ERR_0502001Invalid address.
ERR_0504001Only available in Child Withdrawal Wallet
ERR_0506001Invalid wallet type
ERR_0510001There is no such platform
ERR_0510002Only available platform coin
ERR_0510003Unsupported platform
ERR_0511001gatheringTransactionIdx of gathering is missing
ERR_0511002feeInjectionTransactionIdx of gathering is missing
ERR_0511003derivationIndex of child address is missing
ERR_0511004amount is less than fee
ERR_0511005Insufficient resource. ({{value}})
ERR_0512001transactionIdx of caDeployment is missing
ERR_0515001Only child addresses are supported
ERR_0515002Unsupported address type
ERR_0517001Do not support internal transactions for platform coin
ERR_0518001Failed to decrypt Encrypted Octet Key
ERR_0518002Failed to decrypt Encrypted User Key
ERR_0518003Provided Octet Key and User Key cannot be used together
ERR_0518004Invalid wallet mnemonic
ERR_0518005Insufficient balance. ({{value}})
ERR_0518006Invalid fromAddress
ERR_0518007Invalid toAddress
ERR_0518008Cannot transfer asset to the same address.
ERR_0518009Invalid fee
ERR_0518010Invalid RSA Private Key
ERR_0518011Invalid Blockchain Private Key information.
ERR_0518012Invalid Octet Key
ERR_0518013Invalid User Key
ERR_0519001UnfinalizeDepositJob does not exist.
ERR_0519002Invalid blockHeight UnfinalizeDepositJob.
ERR_0519003Invalid address parameter when get transaction sum
ERR_0519004FinalizeDepositJob does not exist.
ERR_0519005Invalid blockHeight FinalizeDepositJob.
ERR_0521001Retry Target has no nonce
ERR_0524001Invalid response
ERR_0526001The platform does not support the signing type.
ERR_0529001This platform does not support NFT.
ERR_0529002Unsupported NFT Contract type.
ERR_0531001There is no Hyperledger Fabric CA Admin identity.
ERR_0534001Invalid TxID.
ERR_0534002It is not a transaction from that wallet.
ERR_0534003This is the TxID that has already been deposited.
ERR_0534004This platform does not support manual deposit.
ERR_0540001Trustline for that token has been frozen.
ERR_0540002Trustline does not exist for that token.
ERR_0540003Cannot transfer more than maximum holdings for that token.